Skype Qik
Skype Qik True Mobile Video Chat – Handcrafted in Microsoft Silicon Valley
Although text-based chat is currently the most popular and convenient form of messaging, video chat has long been eyed as a future solution. Dan, the Principal Program Manager Lead at Skype, explains, “Due to Skype’s history of video innovation, we knew we had a good chance at becoming the leader in that space.” Read More Read More
Jeanne Parson
Jeanne Parson From Classical Music to Cortana
After completing a degree in classical piano, Jeanne Parson toured with pop bands called Fairchild, DARE and The Shapes for much of the 1980s. This atypical start to a career in technology helped Jeanne to bring a unique perspective to the design of digital assistant Cortana’s voice – noted for its human-like personality. Read More Read More
Lilian Rincon
Lilian Rincon Blazing Her Own Trail
There is little that is conventional about Skype Group Program Manager, Lilian Rincon. Born to Spanish and Chinese-Indonesian parents in Venezuela, she attended school in British Columbia and has since worked from Bangalore to Shanghai to, now, Microsoft Silicon Valley. Read More Read More