Ryan Triggs
Ryan Triggs Choosing the Road Less Traveled
“I accept the unorthodox,” says Triggs from his office at Yammer in San Francisco. “I think my atypical career background helps me to stay open to what's going on in technology as things keep changing.” Read More Read More
Giving Campaign
Giving Campaign Three Fun Ways MSV Raised Money for Good Causes in 2014
Microsoft Silicon Valley is known for its innovation, but we are not just inventive when it comes to developing new technologies. For the 2014 Giving Campaign, we put our heads together and came up with some intriguing (and entertaining) approaches to encouraging employee donations. Read More Read More
Skype Qik
Skype Qik True Mobile Video Chat – Handcrafted in Microsoft Silicon Valley
Although text-based chat is currently the most popular and convenient form of messaging, video chat has long been eyed as a future solution. Dan, the Principal Program Manager Lead at Skype, explains, “Due to Skype’s history of video innovation, we knew we had a good chance at becoming the leader in that space.” Read More Read More