Belonging to a community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Microsoft strives to invest in and partner with organizations that are doing good work, but we are equally diligent about ensuring that our own policies and practices are up to our own high standards for responsible corporate citizens.

    To help guarantee that what is beneficial for business is also good for people and planet, Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility initiatives include:

    • Environmental awareness and protection
    • Privacy
    • Responsible supply chain policy and management
    • Human rights
    • Good governance

  • Community Involvement

Investing in the Local Community

  • Every year, Microsoft invests millions of dollars in the Silicon Valley to address local community needs. We have a long tradition of taking on tough global challenges, and at the same time tackling important social issues facing our local community.

  • Investing in the Community
  • In Silicon Valley, we maximize our impact by developing lasting, multi-dimensional partnerships with area schools and non-profit organizations.

    Today, our signature initiative, YouthSpark, drives youth empowerment and education through technology – with an emphasis on employability, entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in underprivileged communities and schools. By bridging the opportunity gap, we can help ensure that today’s local youth are prepared to be the Silicon Valley workforce of tomorrow.

  • To learn more about Microsoft’s investments in local non-profit organizations please explore the latest version of Catalyst Magazine and contact us.

Global Leadership

  • The community engagement that we foster here in the Silicon Valley is just a small portion of Microsoft’s global community work. From Rio to Rajakstan and Singapore to Sweden, Microsoft YouthSpark is focused on providing technology that enables

  • Global Leadership

    non-profits and schools to change the world. Last year, Microsoft donated more than $900M in cash and software grants and nearly $100M in employee contributions to 62,200 nonprofit organizations worldwide. The impact has been extraordinary.

  • To learn more about this work, visit our Corporate Citizenship page.

Empowering Employees

  • Employees at Microsoft Silicon Valley volunteer for a wide range of organizations – local, national, and international. Some choose one-on-one tutoring via Skype, some sit on the executive boards of local organizations, and many more join Microsoft-sponsored campus-wide events in the community. The avenues for giving back that our employees have at their disposal are second to none.

    Every year, the company provides up to $15,000 cash to each employee in matching grants to the non-profits and schools of their choice. Once an employee has volunteered with a non-profit or school for 10 hours, Microsoft will pay that organization $17 for every hour that the employee volunteers there. Last year, an unprecedented 84 percent of Microsoft employees in Silicon Valley took advantage of its many ways to give.

    Whether through corporate philanthropy or active volunteerism, we are proud that Microsoft employees are pursuing their passions and seeking to make a difference in the world.

  • Empowering Employees